Never Loses Suction* Pets Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner


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This bagless vacuum cleaner features Never Loses Suction* cyclone technology. This means that as the canister fills constant pick up performance is maintained. It is lightweight and also comes with a turbo nozzle to give a real boost to your cleaning

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Type: Bagless Cylinder

Air watts: 230

Weight: 6.1kg

Total Capacity: 1.6L

On Board Storage: Yes

Floor Types: All

Filtration: HEPA 13

Hose Length: 2m

One Touch Bin Emptying: No

Click to Clean Filter: No

Cable length: 5.8m

Accessories: Combination floorhead, Dusting brush, Crevice tool, Turbo nozzle

Floor Head: Combination Floor Nozzle

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Never Loses Suction*

The Never Loses Suction* cyclone technology ensures constant pick-up performance across all floors throughout your home.

* In accordance with independent laboratory testing to IEC 60312-1 edition 1.1 consolidated with amendment 1 (2011:11). Machine must be maintained as instructed in the use guide.


At only 6.1Kg this vacuum cleaner is light enough to carry around the home easily.

One Touch Bin Empty

By the simple press of a button the base of the canister is released and all the dust, hair and dirt falls out and can be easily dispensed of. Great for allergy sufferers.

Suitable for all floor types

As this vacuum cleaner comes with a combination floorhead you can move from carpet to hard floor at the touch of a button.

Air Watts: 230

The measure of suction power a vacuum cleaner has are known as Air Watts, this model has 230aw creating a powerful pick up performance.

Automatic cable rewind

At the touch of a button the cable recoils into the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Washable HEPA 13 Filtration

HEPA 13 filtration means that 99.95% of all dust and dirt molecules are trapped in the filter making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Up to 5 year guarantee**

**The standard two year guarantee can be extended to 5 years upon registration with Morphy Richards

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